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Solar System Barycenter

3 minute read


When thinking about solar system we usually imagine the planets orbiting the Sun, but in reality, every object in the solar system, including the Sun, orbits a moving point called the solar system barycenter…

Stratospheric clouds on Titan

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I am interested in organic ice clouds in Titan’s stratosphere. Unlike clouds on earth, clouds on Titan are made of ices of many different compounds, including methane, ethane, benzene, cyanide, and acetonitrile. But these different species can co-condense to form an impure cloud ice particle. Mixed species ice clouds are known to form in the stratosphere on Titan, and they have implications for chemical transport and the radiative balance of the atmosphere as well as the global circulation. By furthering our understanding of existing observations of Titan’s stratospheric ice, we may also better understand the moon’s weather and climate system as a whole.





TA Assignments

Teaching Assistant assignments, PSU & JHU, 2014

A list of TA assignments

Principles of Atmospheric Measurement

University course, Penn State University, Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, 2017

A laboratory course focused on measurement and analysis of fundamental atmospheric variables and scientific writing.